Who we are

Anacardo organic was formed with the vision to create an entity to tap into the vast potential of the agricultural sector in India and to help and guide the Indian farmer fraternity to gain more from their hard work in a fair manner.

Anacardo Organic has associated itself with farmers in the states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim & Gujrat and helped them find markets for their products and get best of prices for them.

Anacardo Organic has excellent Manufacturing capabilities for Aseptically packed Juices, Purees & Pulps. We have expertise and requisite machineries for processing a variety of Fruits & Vegetables. The factory is well equipped to cater to huge volumes of orders in Aseptically packed products.

We maintain best of the quality parameters & maintain GMP during our Processing activities under the National Program for Organic Production guidelines of the Govt. of India.

We also have an efficient factory facility for processing our Jackfruit based products where we process tender Jackfruit to produce a variety of products to cater to the Vegan & Meat substitute market in Europe and Northern America.

Our endeavour is to bring Quality, Nutritious & Organic food products to as many consumers in our target market of Europe and North America.

Our Mission

We aim towards making the organic food available to those who wish to keep their health healthy. Apart from customer satisfaction, we also strive to sustain the environment and hence we believe that promoting organic food is not only our business but also rightful duty.

Our Vision

We believe in growth and hence our only vision is to do better than the last day. Whether it is our products, service, performance, relations with clients or employees; we seek for growth.

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